Category: Patient Stories

Saving Lives with Compassion

Meet George and his wife, Delores, new residents of Plainfield, having moved just this past summer after 45 years in Irvington. George, originally from South Carolina, worked part-time as a crossing guard—a job he loved until tragedy struck.

A Brighter Future Because of YOU!

Our vision of Overlook is one where each patient experiences outstanding and compassionate care and is filled with gratitude to have chosen Overlook when it mattered most.

A Journey from Coping to Celebration

Learn about Raafiah, a breast cancer survivor and mother, whose participation in expressive writing workshops at the Carol G. Simon Cancer Center during treatment ushered her into a place of coping, healing, and ultimately, celebration.

Planning for a Cancer-Free Future

When 40-year-old Liliana received her breast cancer diagnosis, her thoughtfully organized life was thrown into disarray.

Extraordinary Kind of Caring!

For the past decade, the Thomas Glasser Caregivers Center has provided comfort and support for thousands of friends and family members caring for their ill loved ones at Overlook.

Friends for Life

Geodi Bader and Joshua Fiske, MD, longtime friends pictured with their partners

Geodi Bader and Joshua Fiske, MD are longtime friends with a unique bond…both of their lives were in jeopardy, and both were saved here at Overlook.