It’s simple. Overlook Foundation develops, manages, and distributes resources to advance the delivery of high-quality health care by Overlook Medical Center. We are an IRS-approved, 501(c)(3) public charity that also supports selected regional nonprofit organizations with their health-related projects.

We raise funds for state-of-the-art equipment, new facilities, medical leadership, and the innovative programs that help Overlook Medical Center remain a leading provider of medical care. Contributions to the foundation are tax-deductible up to the limit of the law, and because of our oversight they remain “at home” to serve the needs of Overlook’s region.

Our Priorities

Right now Overlook Foundation is seeking support for several priorities that will dramatically change the patient experience, including tripling the number of single rooms and enhancing 75 percent of Overlook’s patient care areas. Overlook Foundation will support the medical center in reconfiguring its fifty-year-old building to match the expertise and technical demands of today’s physicians and nurses.

Our effort will

  • Triple the number of single patient rooms to enhance privacy, decrease noise, and lower the chance for hospital-acquired infections;
  • Construct brand-new neuroscience/stroke and cardiovascular units that use new rooms for intensive, intermediate, or standard acute care without moving the patient so we can enhance safety and comfort;
  • Redesign maternity services with all single rooms in a serene setting, plus two new Caesarian-section suites;
  • Establish eight new state-of-the-art surgical suites and consolidate all surgery, with a specialized operating theater for neurosurgery, so we can coordinate resources and provide a seamless surgical and recovery experience;
  • Create a new children’s center that links the Meri and Sol Barer Inpatient Pediatric Unit to the Michael Gordon Reeves Pediatric Emergency Department for better coordinated care for young patients;
  • Optimize critical care for our sickest patients with larger, more technology-enabled rooms;
  • Increase the capacity of the Emergency Department for faster care;
  • Invest in staff and research trials at the Gerald Glasser Brain Tumor Center to expand treatment options, capacity, and ancillary services in the busiest brain tumor center in the state;
  • Enhance orthopedics, endoscopy, imaging, nursing, pharmacy, dietary, and other services that affect well-being, recovery, and the patient experience;
  • Extend the services of the Thomas Glasser Caregivers Center with a satellite center on the new eighth-floor cardiology unit; and
  • Broaden palliative care consultations to outpatient settings to reach more patients where they are comfortable.

How do I make a gift?

Besides clicking the Donate Now button on each page of our web site, more than a dozen ways exist to make a gift to the foundation. The fullest explanation is available here.

If I want to talk to someone at the foundation about making a gift, whom should I call or e-mail?

You may call the foundation’s main number at 908.522.2840 and ask to speak to a gift officer. Check out our staff list for e-mail addresses and to see which staff member is best suited to help. Among the staff members who talk most frequently with donors are Executive Director Clelia Biamonti and directors Kenneth Cole, Marianne Devlin, Lorie McDonald, Kerry Mowry, and Eileen Weiss.

Are there any benefits to donating to Overlook Foundation?

Of course, and we detail those benefits here. Benefits start at annual gifts of $2,500 or more, and we have special benefits for cumulative giving and for including Overlook Foundation in your estate plan. Joining our Heritage Society is a great way to make the gift of a lifetime.

How can I be certain that my gift will be used only at Overlook Medical Center

We collaborate with the medical center’s leadership to determine what projects might benefit from philanthropic support. A detailed process requires specific documentation to match requests with monies to be disbursed by the foundation, and our auditors check that process annually.

What is Overlook Foundation’s relationship to Overlook Medical Center?

In 1976 Overlook Medical Center (then known as Overlook Hospital) created and funded an independent, public charity originally named Overlook Hospital Foundation. Ever since, a separate board of trustees has overseen what is now called Overlook Foundation, but the foundation cooperates and consults with Overlook Medical Center leadership to determine what projects to support. The president of the hospital is, by charter, a member of the foundation’s board with a vote, and the hospital provides the foundation with space and other resources to conduct its work. Overlook Foundation undergoes its own, separate audit each year and files its own federal and state forms.

What is Overlook Foundation’s federal tax identification number?

It is 51-0194054.

How do I obtain a copy of the foundation’s IRS determination letter that confirms the foundation’s tax-exempt, nonprofit status?

If you want a copy of the letter or a W-9 form from the foundation, call or email Kimberly Myler.

How much money does Overlook Foundation typically raise in a year? What are the foundation’s assets?

During the past decade the foundation has raised annual totals ranging from $4.9 million to $13.9 million. Higher totals usually represent larger gifts made during campaigns. For summaries of our revenues and expenses in recent years, go to our financials section, where we share our annual reports, audited financials, and IRS Form 990s. The foundation’s assets have climbed steadily over the years, approaching $100 million in recent years. The financial statements also report asset figures.

How does Overlook Foundation compare to other foundations?

We refer you to Guidestar and Charity Navigator for comparisons and ratings. Both organizations rate Overlook Foundation highly for financial transparency. For our fiscal year ended June 30, 2019, our efforts cost us 20.1 cents to raise each dollar, a rate at the low end of expectations for charities nationally.

What is the tax status of Overlook Medical Center?

The medical center and its parent organization, Atlantic Health System, are tax-exempt, nonprofit entities. All hospital income beyond expenses is re-invested in the facilities, people, programs, and equipment needed to provide better health care to patients or more preventive care to area residents. A few selected subsidiaries of Atlantic Health operate as for-profit entities, and for them Atlantic Health pays all required federal, state, and local taxes.

Does the foundation ever raise money for system-wide initiatives?

The foundation occasionally collaborates with other Atlantic Health System foundations to fund system-wide initiatives that will benefit every hospital. In such cases the money raised by Overlook Foundation funds the portion of those initiatives undertaken at Overlook Medical Center.

May I restrict my gift to a specific purpose at Overlook?

Yes, you may. We are happy to furnish a list of existing restricted funds you may contribute to or work with you to establish a new one. New funds and their purposes require the support of both medical center and foundation leadership. The board of trustees votes four times a year on disbursements from restricted funds.

What happens to my unrestricted gift?

Decisions on the use of unrestricted gifts rest with the foundation’s board of trustees, and the board votes quarterly on disbursements of those unrestricted funds.

How does the foundation pay its expenses?

Overlook Foundation is completely self-funding. We pay a significant portion of our expenses from the investment returns on the assets we manage, but we also pay some expenses from the unrestricted gifts we receive. To be good stewards, we manage expenses carefully. In our most recent fiscal year our cost to raise a dollar (fund raising revenue compared to all expenses) was 20 cents.

What projects at Overlook Medical Center have been funded through philanthropy conducted by Overlook Foundation?

  1. Almost all of Overlook’s top-ranked programs have benefited from community philanthropy. In fact, while many hospitals deliver solid care with only payments from private health insurers and governmental reimbursements, nationally recognized care often involves philanthropy.

Generous community donors created the Atlantic Neuroscience Institute at Overlook, the hospital’s flagship service, and it brought the Carol G. Simon Cancer Center to the Summit campus. The Gerald Glasser Brain Tumor Center and the Thomas Glasser Caregivers Center received gifts from the Westfield-based Glasser Foundation. Summit’s Nicholas K. and Anna J. Bouras Foundation has supported the Bouras Auditorium and the Bouras medical excellence awards for employees, and it recently committed to a $2.5 million challenge grant that will name an expanded Bouras Emergency Department. The Short Hills-based Reeves Foundation has had a long association with Overlook that has supported the Reeves Same-Day Surgery Center, the Michael Gordon Reeves Pediatric Emergency Department, the Janel Reeves Neuroscience Intensive Care Unit, and several other spaces in the hospital. And a challenge grant from the foundation will soon create the Reeves Family Surgical Center.

Leadership gifts created the Sol and Meri Barer Inpatient Pediatric Unit and the Frank and Mimi Walsh Maternity Center. Others founded and then expanded a nationally recognized eating-disorders program, underwrote a new results-waiting area in the Emergency Department, endowed a complete palliative care team, named the Carole and Joseph Katz Wound Healing Center and a wound healing nursing position, and outfitted the Stacey Goldstein ICU Waiting Area.

What are Overlook Foundation’s current priorities for philanthropy?

A list of our specific priorities is available at the top of this page. We seek support for projects related to the medical center’s five-year master plan that will enhance 75 percent of our 50-year-old patient rooms.

What Overlook Foundation policies govern the kinds of gifts and recognition for gifts?

Please check out two foundation policies here. The Gift Acceptance Policy delineates what gifts the foundation accepts and, for some gifts, what documentation the IRS and the foundation may require. The Donor Recognition Policy delineates how the foundation recognizes gifts and how it determines naming privileges, the longevity of those privileges, and the rare circumstances under which the foundation may revoke those privileges.

What does the foundation do with my data?

The foundation’s Privacy Policy, available here, governs your data. We never share your name or address except with vendors working directly for the foundation who agree to maintain your privacy. We never sell data. We do not share the size of your gifts with other donors, and, like all Atlantic Health System employees, we adhere to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, which forbids the sharing of your health information.

Are there volunteer opportunities available through Overlook Foundation?

Yes, we welcome volunteers to assist at our annual golf outing and with our annual fall fundraising party. We also choose select area residents as public members of board committees, typically for a special skill, experience, or interest that the resident may have. All members of the board of trustees are volunteers and receive no compensation for their time or expertise.

Overlook Medical Center and the Overlook Auxiliary also accept volunteers. Volunteers at Overlook Medical Center must undergo an extensive background check and thorough orientation.