Alongside the proud display of the American flag that greets you on campus, you are welcomed by other special symbols – two navy signal flags, proudly declaring, “We stand by to assist.” This powerful message, initially displayed by a retired Navy bosun who served as our first facilities manager, has been a sign of hope and support to our community for decades.

These flags now stand tall at the entrance to the West Garage, a constant reminder of our commitment to serving those in need. The flags are never lowered, continuously sending out the message that we are here for you. We are here for your loved ones. We are here in times of crisis and calm. We are here with compassion, ready to provide world-class healthcare.

At Overlook, it’s not just a motto; it’s a way of life. Many of our team members not only stand by to assist our patients and their loved ones but also serve our country. Their dedication to service exemplifies the values that define us as an institution.

Rashida, RN, BSN, Staff Sergeant, US Air Force

Rashida’s journey has taken her from Ghana to Overlook’s 9th floor where she cares for patients before and after surgery. Joining the Air Force allowed her to attend nursing school while fulfilling her military duties. She graduated from nursing school and now works nights at Overlook while continuing her military service on weekends.

This spring, Rashida will leave her beloved team at Overlook to commission to become a lieutenant and work full-time at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany, where she will care for active-duty service members. While she is excited about her time abroad, she is already looking forward to returning to Overlook when she is stateside again. Rashida’s dedication to helping patients and her appreciation for the supportive environment at Overlook inspire others in both nursing and the military.

“It is an honor to work at Overlook and to be in service of others. Here at Overlook I am provided with everything I need to do my job, from amazing team members to strong leadership, to grateful patients. I feel so accomplished and fulfilled – I really love being a part of AHS (Atlantic Health System).”

Walter, Veteran, Gunnery Sergeant, US Marine Corp

Now in his fourth year at Overlook, Walter’s tenure is a testament to Overlook’s devotion to healthcare excellence. As a greeter in the Medical Arts Center (MAC), he has witnessed the continued transformation of both space and service. However, Walter’s journey extends beyond Overlook, encompassing more than two decades of military service in the Marines, including deployments during the Gulf War and later to Afghanistan. His loyalty to service, instilled through generations of military heritage, is a cornerstone of his character.

Emerging from a battle with COVID-19, Walter’s perspective shifted, prompting him to transition from a successful sales career to his current role at Overlook. Drawing from his military experience, Walter embodies integrity, discipline, and compassion in his role, giving a salute to fellow veterans and offering solace to patients whenever he can. Through his unwavering dedication, Walter’s legacy of resilience, compassion, and gratitude leaves lasting marks on patients and families coming through the MAC buildings.

Together, we can continue to be home to incredible team members like Rashida and Walter – team members who uphold the legacy of compassion and excellence that defines Overlook Medical Center. Thank you for your continued support and partnership as we strive to make a difference in the lives of others.