In 2020 the global pandemic changed our lives and our future. It challenged Overlook Medical Center, but it also affirmed our resolve to improve the health of every person we serve.

Our experience with COVID-19 taught us that Overlook must now plan boldly to prepare for the next generation of health care. For our future—and yours—Overlook envisions dramatically restructuring 90 percent of our patient care spaces to deliver an unrivaled patient experience and a new model of care.

Our vision calls for new medical infrastructure in every room, triple the number of private rooms, a number of brand-new units, and eight more operating rooms. Overlook must equip our medical heroes, who sustained our patients during the crisis, with a leading-edge facility so they can conquer any challenge and deliver world-class care. Our patients and our
region deserve nothing less.

Designated by Healthgrades™ as one of the nation’s top 50 hospitals for medical outcomes and recognized with Magnet status for our splendid nursing staff, Overlook Medical Center proved itself a crucial thread in the fabric of our communities. We must now transform Overlook’s building for 21st-century medicine to make an even greater difference in every person’s health.

Please join us in doing so through our OverLook Ahead campaign.