Overlook Foundation is grateful to its trustees for their leadership, expertise, and generosity. Our trustees serve three-year terms and, in most instances, may serve only three consecutive terms. Officers and the president of Overlook Medical Center are exempt from the term limit.

All trustees are independent and uncompensated.

Name (current service)

Jude Avelinochair (2015-2021)
Jess Chang, vice chair (2015-2021)
Eric Shick, treasurer (2007-2021)
Stacy Wilson McCann, secretary (2012-2021)
Pradipto Bagchi (2020-2023)
Fedora Baloiu (2018-2021)
Meri Barer (2016-2022)
Ron Benitez, M.D. (2019-2022)
Manish Bhandari (2017-2023)
Karina Calzadilla (2017-2023)
Chris Coates (2012-2021)
Shannon Cross (2020-2023)
Jim Gardner, M.D. (2015-2021)
Maggie Hariri (2020-2023)
Betty Larson (2018-2021)
Alan Lieber (ex officio)
Al Lord III (2015-2021)
Bev Luehs (2012-2021)
Jack Mann (2020-2023)
Liz Peck (2019-2022)
Frank Perier Jr. (2015-2021)
Samantha Pozner, M.D. (2020-2023)
Dean Serratelli (2020-2023)
Paul Starker, M.D. (2014-2023)
Candy Steller (2020-2023)
Chris Sullivan (2015-2021)
Vince Ursino Sr. (2013-2022)
Toby Wesson (2012-2021)