Meet George and his wife, Delores, new residents of Plainfield, having moved just this past summer after 45 years in Irvington. George, originally from South Carolina, worked part-time as a crossing guard—a job he loved until tragedy struck.

In November 2023, as George headed home from work, he was suddenly gripped by a severe chest pain—a heart attack. Unable to move once he got himself to the parking lot at his apartment complex, Delores, acted quickly, following instructions over the phone from George’s daughter to administer aspirin and call 911.

Nearly a decade earlier, George experienced his first heart attack and received treatment at Overlook Medical Center, where he also participated in our trusted cardiac rehabilitation program. This experience fostered a deep appreciation for Overlook’s exceptional care. Thus, when asked where she preferred the emergency response team bring George, Delores decided without hesitation to return to Overlook, knowing it to be the epitome of excellence in care.

From the moment they arrived, Delores felt a sense of relief—everyone was kind, courteous, and compassionate. Dr. David Bartov, a cardiologist at Overlook, and his team worked tirelessly to save George’s life, restarting his heart twice in the emergency department. Since that fateful day, the dedicated staff at Overlook have provided unwavering support, guiding George through cardiac therapy and rehabilitation.

“It is an honor and a privilege to provide acute cardiac care at Overlook Medical Center for patients like George. The trust that George and so many patients place in us is not taken lightly, and we strive to live up that by holding ourselves to the highest standards day in and day out,” Dr. David Bartov remarked.

Throughout his rehabilitation, George has found solace in the welcoming environment of Overlook’s Cardiac Rehab program. The friendly staff have not only supported his physical recovery but also provided comfort to Delores during his sessions.

As George looks forward to returning to his passions—cooking and tending to his plants—he is grateful for the exceptional care he received at Overlook. His journey, spanning over a decade, is a testament to the hospital’s commitment to excellence.

“All I know is, I couldn’t ask for better,” George said. “The nurses, doctors, nurse aids, everyone – they are really something.”