Presenting to the Oral Health Coalition of New Jersey this fall, Melanie Miller, RDH, Overlook’s manager of dental services, highlighted initiatives designed to bring preventative oral health care directly to the community we serve:

  • The GRACE food distribution program at the Summit Community Center hosted Overlook’s Dental Clinic and Family Medicine. These practices collaborated with the Kindersmile Foundation to offer a new approach to community-based dental education and screening for more than 40 local residents.
  • Margarita Koscuik, RDH, has begun offering dental education and screening at both Overlook Family Medicine and the hospital’s HealthStart Clinic. Improved access to integrated dental and medical care, as well as other community resources, during well visits is positively impacting the overall health of these patients.
Margarita Koscuik, RDH, and Shivm Shah, DDS, examine a patient.