Overlook Foundation is grateful to its trustees for their leadership, expertise, and generosity. Our trustees serve three-year terms and, in most instances, may serve only three consecutive terms. Officers and the president of Overlook Medical Center are exempt from the term limit.

Fedora Baloiu (2018-2021)
Meri Barer (2006-2015, 2016-2022)
Manish Bhandari (2016-2022)
Karina Calzadilla (2017-2020)
Jessalyn Chang (2015-2021)
Christopher Coates (2012-2021)
George L. Fotiades (2012-2021)
James N. Gardner, MD 2015-2021)
David G. Hartman (1999-2010, 2011-2020)
Betty Larson (2018-2021)
Alan Lieber, president, Overlook Medical Center
Al Lord, III (2015-2021)
Tracy McKee (2011-2020)
Gale Metzger (LOA)
Anna Mohl (2018-2021)
Elizabeth Peck (2019-2022)
Francis I Perier, Jr. (2015-2021)
Paul M. Starker, MD (2014-2020)
Christopher Sullivan (2015-2021)
Vincent Ursino, Sr. (2005-2011, 2013-2022)
Joshua A. Weinreich (2006-2020)
Bruce F. Wesson (2000-2010, 2012-2021)
David Wexler (2002-2008, 2014-2020)